What Are Your Favorite Foods For Getting A Bigger Butt?

This week’s question is one that I get quite often. People always want to know about my diet. As a competing bodybuilder and model, I have to watch what I eat incredibly closely. Every calorie that goes into my body is important, and I truly believe there’s something to th

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What are Some Butt Exercises I can do at Home?

Not all of us can afford a gym membership. The best gyms can get pretty darn expensive, and those long-term gym contracts are often very unforgiving. And some of us just don’t like going to the gym and being around a bunch of strutting, self-absorbed gym rats.
The good

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How Many Butt Workouts Should I Be Doing Every Week?

Here at the Gluteboost Booty Camp, we believe firmly in the power of exercise to help increase glute size. Don’t forget – your butt is made up of 3 major muscles. The same way that doing curls helps you get bigger biceps, doing butt exercises helps you get a bigger, firmer


Ask Serina about Dieting for a Bigger Butt

Did you know that what you eat plays a huge role in determining the shape of your butt? If you eat the right things, you can start to get the bigger, fuller butt you want.

Gluteboost Serina Branch

Ask Serina about Butt Exercises

We all know that butt exercises can help you sculpt the perfect booty you’ve always wanted. I want to help you with your fitness. Have a question about butt workouts? Just leave a comment and I’ll answer you!